Services I Offer


Searching for an identity? No problem. I can help develop an identity that will stand out amongst your competitors. I will work with you to create an effective logo, theme, and tone that will unify the look, feeling, and voice of your brand. Thus ensuring that your brand will resonate with your audience across all of the visual mediums.


Does your company need a physical presence? Whether it’s a simple flyer, business card, letterhead, or a full campaign, let me create the designs that will turn heads. From the very first steps of brainstorming, to the design process, and through the final stage of printing, I’ll be there Delivering the most definitive product possible.


Are you looking to make waves across the internet? There are many solutions out there to choose from a new website, digital marketing, SEO, analytics, mailing lists, social media, etc. If you are in need of one of these or all the above, I can assist your business in deploying the most effective tools to the make biggest splash on the web.


Gamer Chick T-Shirt

Gamer Chick Shirt

An iconic retro inspired designed t-shirt for the female gamer in mind.

 Legend Web Works Website Mock

LLW Site MockUP

A fresh new look for an existing website for a web design business.

I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” — Ray Bradbury, author

Each project is a living thought and a collabration of ideas brought to life through a visual canvas. For over 5 years in the profession, I have crafted quality designs, expressing my creativity and expertise to those I have worked with. With the beginning of each new day, another great idea is born. Let me help your ideas come to life and blossom into the next memorable project!